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Soundtrack Credits

"Yellow Dog" in Give Me a Hand, 2006 Janowski Films
"Serenade for Strings - Moderato" in My So-Called Stuff,
Janowski Films, 2006
Down Among the Cane Brakes" in Grampa, His Banjo, and 2 Kids,
2006 Janowski Films
"Bluette" in Only You, 2006, Janowski Films
"Levee Revels" in Feast of Valentines, 2006, Janowski Films
"Adelia" in Messages, 2006, Janowski Films
"Folias" in Primavera, 2006, Janowski Films
"Gymnopdie No. 3" in Birds, 2005, Janowski Films
"Danza de las Hachas" & "Rujero y Paradetas" in
Blades of Grass, 2005, Janowski Films
"Milonga" in Waking Up in the South, 2007, Janowski Films

Tracking the Iowa Mural by Kyrl Henderson, 2009 (Memories of Chautauqua starts around 3:50)

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